Entering, Leaving & Visiting

Signing Children In

For the safety and security of the children in the program, a parent or guardian must sign each child in on the designated sheet on the child’s classroom door and accompany the child to the classroom door.

Parents are encouraged to bring siblings who are not enrolled in the program into the building with them. However, to avoid unnecessary confusion as the children are arriving and leaving, non-enrolled children and adults other than guardians are discouraged from entering the classroom.

Picking Children Up

Only legal guardians or persons designated on the registration form will be allowed to pick up the child.

If someone other than the designated person must pick up a child, the parent or guardian must obtain approval from the director before the child will be released. Children will not, under any circumstances, be released to a minor.

In a separation or divorce case, the status and any change in custodial rights must be documented by court order or agreement of the parents

Picking Children Up Late

Parents are encouraged to bring and pick up children by the designated times. This helps build self confidence and ensures the smooth operation of the program.

If a child is picked up late, the parent is chaged $10.00 for the first 10 minutes, assessed at 2:40pm, plus $1 per minute thereafter will be assessed any time your child has not been picked up on time. Time will be kept according to cell phone time. Chronic late pick-ups are reviewed by the Day School Workgroup.

Visiting the Program

Visitors are always welcome to observe the program. All visitors entering the Day School Area must check in with the director.