Admission Policy

Admission into St Stephen Presbyterian Day School is available to members and non-members of St. Stephen Presbyterian Church on a first come first serve basis with priority given to siblings of those currently enrolled and to church members.

Once classes are filled, those interested in the Day School may place their child’s name on the Wait List. Siblings and church member’s children will be placed at the top of the Wait List. If there is an opening in any class with no Wait List the spot will be available to the first interested party. If this child has a sibling, the sibling will be placed at the top of the Wait List of his/her age grouping.

If an opening is declined by a sibling or non-church member, the child’s name will be removed from the Wait List unless the parents request that the name remain, wherein the name will be moved to the bottom of the Wait List.

If an opening is declined by a church member, but is requested that the child’s name remain on the Wait List, the name will move below any other church member’s child on the Wait List for that age group.