Clothing & Personal Items


Parents are encouraged to dress their children in comfortable, washable play clothes to eliminate the worry of “getting dirty”. Appropriate dress is important as children use paints, glue, markers, water and other materials in creative activities as well as play outside.

Extra Clothes / Diapers

Each child should bring a change of clothes in a labeled sack or bag in case of accident or soiling of clothes. The clothing should fit properly, be seasonal in nature, and washed occasionally. If needed a supply of diapers should be kept in this bag.

Nap-time Linens

Children may bring their favorite “sleepy-time” item to make them more comfortable during the rest period of the day. All linens should be taken home weekly for washing.

No Valuable Items

Children are discouraged from bringing items considered to be of great monetary or sentimental value


Guns, swords and/or any toy that resembles a weapon are not permitted on the premises. St Stephen is a house of peace where children are encouraged to problem solve through positive role modeling and cooperative methods of play.