Health Standards

Maintaining Health Records

Upon enrollment each child is required to have on file immunization and examination statements from a doctor. This record must be updated annually or as immunizations are received. Health forms are made available in the enrollment packet.


To preserve a healthful atmosphere, the parents should notify the program if the child contracts, or is exposed to, a contagious disease while in attendance. Children should not be sent to the program with a fever or other signs of illness and should remain at home for 24 hours after having a temperature of 99.8F or more.

When a child becomes ill at the program, the parents are notified and are expected to pick up the child immediately.


If a child is injured, a staff member will attempt to contact the parents or specified person listed on the registration form while another staff member attends to the child. If the parents cannot be reached and the injury is serious or life threatening, the child will be taken to the emergency room of a nearby hospital. Continuous attempts will be made to reach the parents.


The Director or Assistant Director may administer medication only if parents sign the proper forms, which are located in the Day School Office. The medication must be handed directly to the Director or Assistant Director and be clearly labeled with the child’s name and directions for administering it. The form is then given to the child’s teacher who will notify the Director or Assistant Director when the time has come for the medication to be administered.

The program does not provide facilities for locking up medications overnight; therefore, it is recommended that medications be brought daily as needed.