Responsibilities of Parents

The following parental responsibilities are important for maintaining a constructive relationship with the program. Parents shall:

  1. Keep staff informed of any event in the child’s life which may help the teacher to better understand the child and relate to him or her appropriately.
  2. Share an active interest in the child’s work and development.
  3. Arrange for the child’s regular, prompt attendance.
  4. Ensure that the responsible teacher is aware of the arrival and departure of the child.
  5. Notify the staff if the child contracts or is exposed to a communicable disease.
  6. Ensure the health and welfare of the child by providing proper nutrition, adequate rest, healthful hygiene, and prompt attention to illness.
  7. Provide a nutritious breakfast before the child arrives at the program.
  8. Provide a nutritious lunch for the child. (No carbonated drinks.)
In addition, the parents are expected to make timely tuition payments and update the child’s enrollment and health information as necessary. This includes advising the Director of any change in the parent’s marital status. Parents will sign a statement indication that he or she has read, understands, and agrees to the responsibilities and program policies as outlined in this document.