Our Philosophy

Education is more than the pursuit of a certain course of study. It has to do with the whole person. It is the harmonious development of physical, mental, social and spiritual capabilities. True education prepares children for a life as productive human beings, concentrating on not only academics but also on the practical, imaginative and creative thinking powers available to each individual.

We Believe

St. Stephen Presbyterian Day School is committed to offering a high quality early childhood program for church members and the surrounding community. SSPDS provides a safe and nurturing environment that promotes the physical, social, emotional, spiritual, and cognitive development of young children. At SSPDS, we believe in preparing children for a life as productive human beings, concentrating on the practical, imaginative, and creative thinking powers of each individual child thus allowing for their full growth and development.

We Care

The quality of an early childhood program is greatly affected by the extent to which knowledge of child development is applied within the program. The staff of SSPDS is a highly qualified and professional staff. Most teachers are degreed in Early Childhood Education and all have many years of extensive training and experience working with children. All teachers are trained in CPR and First Aid. All staff members are carefully selected for their ability to work with children as well as their ability to work together. At SSPDS, our goal is not to meet our needs but to meet your child’s needs.

We Learn

We provide a variety of learning opportunities and sensory experiences throughout the school year. Our learning environments allow the children to take an active role in selecting from activities with blocks, manipulatives, art, dramatic play, science and discovery, literature, math concepts, and much more. Our environments are designed for the eager and early learners with child size furnishings thus promoting independence and cooperative learning. Our three and four year old classes experience chapel and a variety of field trips throughout the year. All classes are visited by our Music teacher once a week to express themselves through singing, rhythm and movement.